Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A return to my long lost friend: THE BLOG

I sit in Toulouse, France, the sounds of pedestrians passing by and a crazy man in a pink hat singing a Disney song at the top of his lungs--first time for that specific scenario. But then again, this journey seems to be an ever evolving series of firsts for me that have been hitherto unpublicized. This post marks a new beginning of blogging frenzy sparked by the availability of a cheap internet source.

So, let me explain. Since arriving in Italy on September 7, 2009, I have been moving with great frequency. Here is the list of places I've been and the dates.

7-9...Venice, Italy
9...Palermo, Sicily (technically Italy)
14...Catania, Sicily (at the Base of Mt. Etna)
15...Taormina, Sicily
16...Syracuse, Sicily
17...Top of Mt. Etna
18...Bologna, Milan, and Vigevano, Italy (14 hour train ride to Northern Italy stopping as I went)
19...Vigevano/Sforzesca, Italy
20...Bra, Italy (International Slow Food Cheese Festival)
21...Vigevano/Sforzesca, Italy
22...Verona, Italy (Romeo?)
23...Alba, Italy (for the truffle harvest and vineyard tour)
24-26...Spiez and Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
26...Fussen, Germany
28...Munich, Germany (Oktoberfest)
30...Harburg, Donauworth, and Dinkelsbuhl, Germany

1...Bad Murgentheim, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, and Creglingen, Germany
2...Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Wurzburg, and Berlin, Germany
3-6...Berlin, Germany
6-10...Hamburg (Ahrensburg), Germany
10-12...Cologne, Germany (Anuga International Food Festival)
12-15...Frankfurt, Germany
15-18...Paris, France
18-23...Toulouse, France
23-24...St. Affrique, France
25...St. Affrique, Roquefort (yes, the cheese), and Millau, France
26...Toulouse, France

I'll save you the counting and tell you that I've seen 33 separate cities and towns in Europe in the last 50 days...I'm tired. You might now guess why it has been some time since I've posted anything. However, I'm back!! I have decided to slow the pace a little and blog a little more frequently for the rest of Europe and especially India. While on this whirlwind adventure, I did manage to write while on public transportation, so this blog will be teeming with my travels within the next day. Each blog post's title will be the date of when I wrote the entry. I hope you enjoy!

Before I end this post, though, I will give you the remainder of my European schedule.

27-31...Toulouse, France

1-2...Toulouse, France
2-4...Paris, France
4-6...Frankfurt, Germany
6-8...Amsterdam, The Netherlands
8-10...Frankfurt, Germany
10-14...Leoben, Austria
14-20...Vienna, Austria

THEN INDIA for 4 months!!