Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Gayest cheese in France

Above is a slide show of some of the sights in southern France. You will see shots of Toulouse, St. Affrique, Roquefort, and Millau.

Here is an interesting passage about the role of the cheese workers in the Roquefort caves from the English-translated tour sheet:

"Using a special probe, they scoop out minute samples of cheese from a selection of loaves chosen randomly from each fermenting room. The ease or difficulty with which the probe enters the cheese gives them an idea of the texture of the paste. On removing the probe the master-ripener examines the distribution of the internal cavities and the bluing, sometimes touches the cheese to check its suppleness, and finally smells it to inhale its aroma. The cheese is not tasted at the stage and the probe is replaced."

That is all for now.